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Executive Interview: The Role of AI in Digital Transformation

January 8, 2019: In preparation for the CAMSS Québec conference taking place on March 14 at the Ritz-Carlton Montréal, we caught up with Hadi Tchekiken, Chief Operating Officer at CanadaDirect and speaker at the event to discuss the role artificial intelligence is playing in digital transformation. View interview.

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Executive Interview: Andrew Wesolowski, Director of Operations, Electronic Recycling Association

November 20, 2018: During the 2018 CAMSS BC conference, we caught up with Andrew Wesolowski, Director of Operations at Electronic Recycling Association to gain some insight in to his session titled "Over the Horizon : Data Security and Artificial Intelligence". View interview.

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Executive Interview: Simon Kalechstein, Partner, IBM

November 12, 2018: During the 2018 CAMSS BC and CAMSS Ontario conferences, we caught up with Simon Kalechstein, Partner at IBM to gain some insight in to his session on "Innovate at the speed of a start-up, but the scale of an enterprise". View interview.

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Executive Interview: Franz Gangl, Director, Ricoh Canada

August 14, 2018: In preparation for the 2018 CAMSS Ontario conference, we caught up with Franz Gangl at Ricoh Canada to discuss what orchestrating "true" digital transformation looks like for companies cross Canada. View interview.

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Executive Interview: Pavel Abdur-Rahman, Data Scientist & Associate Partner, IBM

July 17, 2018: During the 2018 CAMSS Alberta conference (June 6, Calgary), we caught up with Pavel Adbur-Rahman, Data Scientist and Associate Partner at IBM to gain some insight on AI platform business models, which he spoke about at the event. View interview.

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Executive Interview: Kimberly Nevala, Director, SAS

July 10, 2018: During the 2018 CAMSS Alberta conference, we caught up with Kimberly Nevala following her session on "The Three R's of AI/ML Adoption" to gain some insight on the nature of the discussion. View interview.

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Executive Interview: Heather-Reed Fenske, CIO, City of Calgary

May 21, 2018: In preparation for the CAMSS Alberta 2018 conference, we spoke with Heather Reed Fenske, CIO for the City of Calgary and Keynote Speaker at the conference, to gain an insight in to the city's digital transformation strategy and a sneak peek in to her presentation. View interview.

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Executive Insight: Jarrod Levitan, Chief Cloud Officer, TriNimbus

During the recent CAMSS Québec conference at the Ritz-Carlton Montréal, Jarrod Levitan, Chief Cloud Officer at TriNimbus, ran a presentation on "Beyond Happily Ever After on the Cloud". Following the session, we caught up with Jarrod to gain some insight on the discussion, its importance and what he wants the participants to take away from it. View video interview.

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Executive Insight: Ali Arasteh, Director, Mandiant

March 29, 2018: During the recent CAMSS Québec conference at the Ritz-Carlton Montréal, Ali Arasteh, Director at Mandiant, ran a presentation on "The State of Cyber Threats in Canada". Following the session, we caught up with Ali to gain some insight on the discussion, its importance and what he wants the participants to take away from it. View video interview.


Montréal: Technology's New Hub

March 19, 2018: Montréal is experiencing a boom. From record breaking investments in Artificial Intelligence startups to major technology players IBM and Facebook establishing a foothold in region, the city continues to thrive and grow in to a major global technology hub. Following the 2018 CAMSS Québec conference, CAMSS World spoke with Louise Thiboutot, Senior Director of Foreign Investments at strategic partner Montréal International to gain an understanding as to why the city is becoming such an attractive proposition for startups, tech giants and investors alike. View interview.

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Video Interview: Manav Gupta, Director & Distinguished Engineer, IBM Canada

March 2, 2018: During CAMSS Ontario 2017, we spoke with Manav Gupta, Director and Distinguished Engineer at IBM Canada following his session on "One Architecture. Four Dimensions. Unlimited Potential". Manav was able to provide some insight in to the key discussion points from the session and what he utimately hopes people will take away from the discussion. View interview.


Video Interview: David Masson, Country Manager - Canada, Draktrace

February 21, 2018: During the CAMSS Ontario 2017 conference held at Beanfield Centre, Toronto, CAMSS World spoke with David Masson, Country Manager for Canada at Darktrace following his presentation on "The Machine Fights Back - Leveraging AI For Self-Learning Cyber Security". David gave us some insight to the key discussions points in his session and why leveraging AI for cyber security is something organisations across the country should be looking in to. View interview.


IT & OT: A winning duo to leverage your business plan

January 31, 2018: The convergence of operational technologies (OT) and Information technologies (IT) is a trend that is gaining more and more leverage when companies want to maximize digital transformation. Although IT and OT come from different worlds, they have evolved in recent years on a similar trajectory, complementing one another to make a highly strategic lever to support the business plan. In 2016 the Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) began this shift. In this interview, Luc Lamontagne, Executive Director of IT & Innovation at STM talks us through the initiative and provides a sneak-peak of what is to come in his session at CAMSS Québec 2018. View interview.


Walking in the shoes of the ALDO consumer

January 16, 2018: Why is it so important to have a complete view and understanding of your consumers? With nearly 200 million consumers visiting Aldo stores yearly it was time for them to get a little more intimate with each and everyone of their customers. ALDO has since embarked on the C360 omni-channel program to create a 'golden record' for each customer in order to better interact with them and understand their specific needs and wants. In this interview, Zack Hazim, Director, Global Enterprise Architecture & Digital Strategy at ALDO Group, talks us through the initiative and provides a sneak-peak of what is to come in his session at CAMSS Québec 2018. View interview.


Executive Q&A: The Path to Becoming a Digitally Enabled Company

Organizations are using powerful cloud technologies to transform how they operate and deliver on rising customer expectations. But many still struggle to realize the benefits of those tools, in great part due to low levels of digital adoption. Following the completing of the CAMSS Canada East 2017 conference, we spoke with Philip Grosch, Partner & Digital Services Lead at PwC Canada, to discuss pragmatic and proven adoption techniques that are helping drive digital transformation in large well-established organizations. View interview


Executive Q&A: Harnessing Data For Business Value

All businesses are inundated with data, but they can’t always see the value in that data because there are so many layers of technology that stand in the way: complex infrastructure, overlapping domains, and rigorous compliance requirements – complicated by a growing influx of data from multiple internal and external sources. Successful businesses learn to derive genuine value from their data by creating a value generation cycle. We caught up with Brian Joynt, Vice President & General Manager for Information Builders in Canada to gain some insight on harnessing data for business value. View interview

Executive Q&A: The Road to Secure, Mobile Enablement

Mobile, smart device and BYOD strategies are increasing the pressure on today's security officers. BYOD is high risk, as 85% of the device is out of enterprise control. Traditional security fails as vendors push workstation-solutions to mobile, while other 'mobile security' solutions alter the mobile user experience causing other issues, including users finding a workaround. We caught up with Sam Stover, Head of Applied Research at Cyber adAPT to gain some insight on secure, mobile enablement. View interview.

Executive Q&A: Building & Maintaining an Analytic & Data Driven Culture

Analytics can be a powerful contributor to the achievement of departmental and organizational goals. But successfully deploying analytics in any organization can be challenging. We caught up with Kimberly Nevala, Director of Business Strategies at SAS to gain some insight on building an analytic driven culture. View interview.

Digital Revolution: attracting foreign businesses and talent to Greater Montréal

CAMSS World partner Montréal International recently launched the Montréal, World-Class Tech Hub video, which positions Greater Montréal as a leader in cutting-edge sectors such as artificial intelligencevideo games and visual effects. View article.

Canadian tech firms capitalizing on immigration anxiety

For years, Canada's tech industry has watched in frustration as Microsoft and Google hired the country's top computer science grads for high-paying jobs in Seattle and Silicon Valley. Now Canada believes it has found a new way to lure American and international tech workers. View article

Analytics in Action: By Steve Holder, National Analytics Lead, SAS Canada

Analytics has gone—and continues to undergo—a long evolution. From a business perspective, it’s been about deriving insight from enterprise-collected data sets; from the IT perspective, it’s been about understanding enough of the business to create queries that reveal patterns that make a difference to the bottom line. Steve Holder, National Analytics Leader at SAS Canada and member of the CAMSS Executive Council provides his insight. View article.

Canadian technology leaders identify top challenges facing CXOs in 2017

On Friday, February 24 2017, the CAMSS Executive Council met at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto for an intimate and in-depth discussion around the most pressing strategic and technical challenges facing IT and Line of Business leaders in Canada. Numerous topics were raised by the group, each of which contribute to the difficulties CXOs encounter around technology innovation and implementation. View article.