08:00 - 08:50
Registration & Breakfast

08:45 - 08:50
Welcome Remarks

Rob Simms, Co-Founder & CEO, CAMSS World

08:50 - 09:35
"The Challenges of Aligning IT and the Business"

“IT alignment” has been for some time, and continues to be, a major challenge for IT leaders. This idea of “aligning” the IT group with the rest of the organization is a persistent puzzle that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep. Yet despite the unrelenting attention to this topic, a clear working template or solution doesn’t appear to be any more evident.

How can IT align with the business when the business itself does not have a strategy in place? Should they be separate strategies or can they be created as one? This session aims to identify the key challenges IT and digital leaders face and how this can ultimately be overcome.

Kirk Serjeantson, 
CIO, Dicom Transportation Group

Corby Fine, VP Digital Commerce, CIBC
Sasha Puric, 
VP Information Technology, MLSE
Pulkeshi Jape, 
CIO, PepsiCo Foods Canada
Jamie Williams, 
CIO, Rogers Communications
Anne Buff, Thought Leader, Best Practices, SAS

09:40 - 10:25
"Talent: Understanding the Millennial Mindset"

No matter how often it has been addressed, talent remains a key issue for IT and LOB leaders. However, it is not finding the talent which presents the challenge, but instead acquisition and retention of these individuals in an ever increasing competitive world. The key to this is understanding the mindset of the talent pool and creating a brand to attract the new generation and and providing an environment for them to flourish.

This session aims to provide an alternative perspective on the topic by having the talent itself discuss what it is they are looking for and how organizations and leaders can lay down a foundation to attract the best of the best.

Cheryl Cheung, Director Innovation Engagement, CIBC

Elise Hoffmann, Sr. Associate, Digital Services Practice, PwC Canada
Jesse Albiston, 
Customer Success Manager,
Heather Evans, 
Sr. Advisor, Advanced Technologies, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development & Growth
Ashley Mauerhofer, 
UX Designer, Compass Digital Labs
Irene Quarcoo, 
Co-Founder, Civic Tech Toronto

10:25 - 10:45
Networking Break

10:50 - 11:35
"Data-Driven Digital Transformation - Making the Case For Modernization"

As new technologies continue to disrupt traditional business models, the need to adapt to the digital economy grows increasingly more critical.

This applied workshop will enable those responsible for data-driven digital transformation in their respective organizations to gain new perspectives by collaborating in small groups to work through a DX case study on fictional legacy retailer “Book Smart” – for which groups will work alongside DX practitioners and thought leaders to define a clear path forward by transforming the way the company acquires, produces, distributes and sells their core products in the digital economy. This workshop is designed to provide DX leaders with the framework, resources, and skills they need to accelerate digital transformation efforts in their respective organizations. Join facilitators from SAP Labs and Deloitte as they share their key drivers, structures, strategies, and best practice for successful transformation across the enterprise. 


11:40 - 12:30
"How To Build a Content Management Strategy For Today's Needs"

Content is a core element of digital business. Companies must create, secure, manage, and collaborate upon content with both internal and external participants. But traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) technology is costly and dated while Enterprise File Share & Sync (EFSS) is limited in functionality. The result? Too many content repositories, leading to silos and broken communication. Companies need a better way to work!

Learn how to make the most of your content investment and drive innovation through IT.


Sanjay Manchanda, VP & GM, Box

11:40 - 12:30
"The Machine Fights Back - Leveraging AI For Self-Learning Cyber Security"

With machines fighting machines and increasingly sophisticated human attackers, we are now entering a new era of cyber-threats. The battle is no longer at the perimeter but inside of our organizations, and no security team can keep up with its speed. Cyber-attackers are quickly becoming silent and stealthy, and cyber defense has turned into an arms race.

This new wave of cyber-threats has seen skilled attackers that may lie low for weeks or months. By the time they take definitive steps, their actions blend in with the everyday hum of network activity. These attacks call for a change in the way we protect our most critical assets.

Self-learning and self-defending systems are now being deployed to continually assess business environments. Known as ‘immune system’ defense, this approach is used to uncover threats that have already penetrated the network border, and then automatically fight back. Unlike legacy approaches, which rely on rules or signatures, these technologies work autonomously, enable the security team to focus on high-value tasks, and can counter even fast-moving, automated attackers.

In this session, learn about:

The new age of silent, stealthy attacks that lie low in networks for weeks and months; Why legacy approaches, like rules and signatures, are proving inadequate on their own; How new ‘immune system’ technologies based on advanced mathematics and machine learning are being deployed today.

David Masson, 
Country Manager, Canada, Darktrace

11:40 - 12:30
"Harnessing Data For Business Value"

Complex infrastructure, overlapping domains, and rigorous compliance requirements complicate a growing influx of data from multiple internal and external sources. Successful organizations combat this by leveraging a value generation cycle, or determining the value your data can provide and then using the right technology to deliver real results.

In this session, you'll learn how to derive lasting value from your data. Uncover 5 steps to making this happen, plus case studies on how real businesses laid the foundation for measurable business success.

Porter Thorndike, Director - Analytics Sales, Information Builders

12:30 - 13:30
Networking Lunch

13:35 - 14:25
"Establishing a Multi-Vendor Strategy"

Despite the trend suggesting organizations purchase as much as they can from a single vendor to avoid the headaches of integration, unfortunately, this is not a reality. Technology leaders find the best approach to deliver real value to their organizations is to secure the services of multiple vendors instead of attempting to find one claiming to do it all. However, with a multivendor approach, digital leaders are required to go the extra mile to make disparate products and interfaces from various vendors work harmoniously. But what's the best approach to this strategy?

Humza Teherany, CEO, Compass Digital Labs

13:35 - 14:25
The Path to Becoming a Digitally Enabled Organization"

Organizations are using powerful cloud technologies to transform how they operate and deliver on rising customer expectations.  But many still struggle to realize the benefits of those tools, in great part due to low levels of digital adoption. In this presentation we'll discuss pragmatic and proven adoption techniques that are helping drive digital transformation in large well-established organizations.

Philip Grosch, 
Partner, Digital Services Lead, PwC Canada
Andrea Belevedere,
Manager - Salesforce Practice, PwC Canada
Howe Gu, 
Sr. Director - Digital Transformation, PwC Canada

13:35 - 14:25
"The Road To Secure, Mobile Enablement"

Mobile, smart device and BYOD strategies are increasing the pressure on today's security officers. BYOD is high risk, as 85% of the device is out of enterprise control. Traditional security fails as vendors push workstation-solutions to mobile, while other 'mobile security' solutions alter the mobile user experience causing other issues, including users finding a workaround.

This session will focus on industry case-studies while providing the chance to discuss and collaborate on tactics and lessons learned in an open discussion.

Sam Stover, Head of Applied research, Cyber adAPT


14:30 - 15:20
"Transforming Information Security To Information Risk"

Why is security so difficult? Adversaries have fewer rules and more resources than most defenders. Today, security focuses on technology, and compliance is driving many security decisions. A risk management program can bring a structured, organized approach to your company's security. It provides feedback loops and checks-and-balance capabilities, ensures appropriate communication and collaboration between risk program and organization, and guarantees that a member from risk management is represented in key organizational activities.

This session will focus on the key elements of an effective risk management program.

Michael Ball, 
CISO, AGF Investments


14:30 - 15:20
Leveraging Elasticsearch as the Foundation of a Digital Experience Insights Platform"

In this session, we’ll share our experiences in creating a highly performant, scalable, real-time data ingestion and processing analytics platform. We’ll review our architecture, usage, lessons learned and recommended best practices working with Elastic and other open source technologies. CA’s analytics platform models a Lambda Architecture with the use of a combination of technologies including Kafka, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, and HDFS. It was built to ingests large amounts of application trace files, metrics, session navigation details, and other UX data in real time from mobile devices and web applications to capture a holistic view of customer experience to developers and business stake holders.

In this interactive session you’ll learn:

- Why leverage the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana)?
- Lessons learned in running Elasticsearch at scale  
- Elasticsearch is just one component of a Lambda Architecture, what else can/should be used?
- How CA Digital Experience Insights leverages Elasticsearch to predict performance anomalies, end alert storms and speed root cause analysis

Bryan Whitmarsh, 
Sr. Principal Product Manager. CA Technologies

14:30 - 15:20
"Three Musts: A Framework for Enterprise DX"

There are three key focus areas your organization needs in order to enable and more importantly sustain exceptional digital experiences. I call these the Three Musts. The Three Musts are pragmatic, actionable components of a sustainable digital strategy across the enterprise but are also helpful when considering discrete digital initiatives.

  • Digital Factories. Organizations need cloud platforms and services optimized for enabling secure, reliable digital experiences, AND the cultural support to change.
  • Open Tech. Open source software and API-first architecture enable rapid innovation and response to change.
  • Customer Journeys. Build one to one relationships and optimize user experiences across any channel.

In this session will go over the Three Musts Framework, walk through examples of how to apply the Framework to digital initiatives, and engage in lively discussion around how your organization is planning to, or currently engaging in each focus area.

Dan Katz, 
Master Solutions Architect, Acquia

15:20 - 15:45
Networking Break

15:50 - 16:40
"MultiCloud Strategy: A Decision Makers’ Perspective"

The modern Cloud Era has fundamentally reset expectations of enterprise IT services. Internal and external consumers of these IT resources demand the same agility and scalability of public clouds. As a result, today’s decision makers need to bring true cloud-like simplicity and flexibility to their datacenters to stay competitive, and to support their business.

To build their next-generation infrastructure, enterprise IT leaders are looking beyond their legacy vendors and architectures, and are building datacenters that rival public clouds. What does this new enterprise IT stack look like, and how can decision makers leverage the latest innovations as they put their datacenter and cloud strategies into practice?

Join your executive peers, as well as IT visionaries for this boardroom briefing to discuss:

How to build and implement a successful cloud strategy?
When to leverage public cloud services (and when not to)?
Innovations in datacenter technologies that drive greater efficiency and performance?
The continued shift in IT consumption, and how to find the right balance between renting and owning cloud infrastructure?

Michael Burnett, Director - Systems Engineering, Nutanix


15:50 - 16:40
"Technology Is Eating The World & Startups Are Leading The Way"

Marc Andreessen famously noted that Software was Eating the World. Half a decade later, we are seeing new business models emerge, powered by advances in technology, that are systematically unbundling traditionally capital intensive industries such as banking, insurance, automotive and hospitality. And the majority of this change is being driven by startups. Can corporations create the same outcomes as startups? Ryan will share insights on the mindsets, tools and methodologies that startups utilize, and highlight the stark contrasts between startups and corporates. Includes case study on new approaches to ideation, validation and product launches, leading to better outcomes. 

Ryan Poissant, 
Executive Lead, Corporate Engagement, MaRS Discovery District

15:50 - 16:40
"The Mobile Enterprise: Power To The People"

You think you can compete in our digital era? Think again. Organizations are investing heavily in innovations that digitally tether customers to their brand – from mobile apps to artificial intelligence. But while many organizations chase the next big innovation, they overlook where real brand differentiation lives – with their employees. 

While companies deploy new digital tools to engage employees, the change brought on by this shift has profound implications for the enterprise. What sort of leadership is required to drive digital reinvention for the employee experience? How are organizational functions realigning? What new skills are needed? How is this affecting employees’ daily tasks? And how are companies and their employees managing all of this change? 

Rosane Giovis, 
Partner - Digital Strategy & iX, IBM iX

16:45 - 17:30

Tanmay Bakshi, Algorithmist, Darwin Ecosystem

Tanmay Bakshi is a software developer who has published several apps and source code, as well as an author of a textbook on the programming language Swift. He has been a TEDx speaker. He has published "Tanmay Teaches" YouTube videos, and was the youngest IBM Watson Developer.

He started coding at the age of 5 and built an iOS app at the age of 9.

17:30 - 20:00
Evening Reception

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