Humza Teherany, CEO, Compass Digital Labs

Humza is responsible for Technology, Innovation, Digital Marketing and Consumer Experience Strategy at Compass Group Canada across industry verticals such as: Retail, Sports and Entertainment, Business and Industry, Healthcare, Education, Oil and Gas, among others. Humza's organization also drives Enterprise Road-Mapping, Internal Consulting, Change Management and Process Improvement; as well as Project Management and National Retail Construction. 

Humza has over 17 years in IT. Beginning his career in a technology start-up then into software development at Bell Canada; he eventually moved into management positions within the Telecommunications Industry. 

Prior to Compass Group Canada, Humza worked at MTS Allstream, the largest enterprise telecommunications company in Canada, where he was Director of Business Transformation and IT Enterprise Architecture. 
Humza has also held various technical and management roles at Bell Canada.

Humza is an invited keynote speaker at various North American conferences every year focused on technology, innovation and driving business results.  Humza has built strong technology and business partnerships with top organizations across the globe.  This network allows him to innovate creatively and quickly, accelerating business objectives.

Humza has an undergraduate degree from York University and holds various professional training accreditations from both the Schulich School of Business and the Niagara Institute.  Humza is also the National Vice President of the CIO Association of Canada, as well as a board member.