"Orchestrating 'True' Digital Transformation"

Executive Insight:
Franz Gangl, Principal Consultant - Digital Transformation, Ricoh Canada

In preparation for the 2018 CAMSS Ontario conference, we caught up with Franz Gangle at Ricoh Canada to discuss what orchestrating "true" digital transformation looks like for companies cross Canada.

1.     The term "Digital Transformation" is broad and can be interpreted in many different ways. What does this phrase mean to you?

For us, digital transformation is the total and overall social effect of process change that leverages digitization.  We help organisations transition from traditional, paper-based workflows to powerful, cost-effective digital-first operations and a paperless office that allows them to operate more efficiently in an ever-changing new world of work.

2.     It is safe to say every company is embarking on this journey in some shape or form in order to become "digitally mature". In your opinion, what does a digitally mature company look like?

 Yes. Every company is either embarking on this journey or is in different phases of the journey towards digital transformation; that is, becoming digitally mature. A digitally mature company creates, communicates, collaborates, processes and records information in digital format. Generating paper records is avoided, if possible.  If paper is generated in the process, it is used to communicate information or gather information, but not to keep a record of information. The “rest of the paper” is digitized as soon as possible. In addition, access to information is secure regardless of the location of an employee and is based on their role and requirements to perform their jobs efficiently. A digitally mature organisation keeps its data secure, its information mobile and its workforce agile, while managing data and security risks that come from day-to-day operations of running any business.

3.     Is there a step-by-step guide IT and digital leaders can follow in order to achieve this?

 Yes, but details for such a guide is a much wider discussion that takes multiple variables into account. Also, every company, their requirements and their digital maturity journey is different; so, I would prefer not to generalise. However, I can identify a few steps that most companies should perform. The first step is to identify what is the “digital maturity” vision for your organization, what this means in practical terms in your businesses’ day-to-day operations and why do you want to become a digitally mature organization. Second, is to define your company’s strategy, goals and objectives to reach this vision. A major aspect of step 2 is to analyse your existing infrastructure and processes that impact your daily operations and revenue and to identify areas that require an upgrade or change. There are several other steps to attain true digital maturity, but what is most important to remember is that achieving digital maturity is a journey that starts with a simple step. Your first step could be something as simple as deciding to digitize your records or automating one of your forms process.

 4.     What are the key challenges organizations and individuals face along the way?

 Some of the key challenges organizations face is over- or under-estimating the change management requirement for a digital transformation.  Organizations expect too much too soon, and planning is key since it involves employees, customers, vendors and partners.  Organizations fail to establish the “why”.  Establishing a prioritized list of desired outcomes linked to strategic business objectives is key.  The process can be overwhelming, so partner selection is important.  A good partner will guide the process, leverage tools and models to support the migration, and keep change management and training in mind throughout the transformation process. Individuals need to invest in themselves – in new training, in focussing on what they can bring to the organization above and beyond processes that may become digital and automated. Organizations and individuals who welcome change do better than those who resist it.

 5.     At CAMSS Ontario 2018, you will be moderating a roundtable discussion on "Orchestrating 'True' Digital Transformation. What do you ultimately want participants in this session to walk away with?

I love the discussion topic title!  I would like the participants to learn how to start with the “why” of their digital transformation journey and discover where they are on the Digital Transformation roadmap.  I would also like attendees to leave knowing a bit more about the pitfalls that they should look out for on their digital transformation journey. I hope to discuss resolutions to a few common challenges that most organizations face when they embark on their journey to become more digitally mature as an organization.


Franz Gangl is speaking at the 2018 CAMSS Ontario conference, taking place on Tuesday, October 23 at Beanfield Centre, Toronto. For information on the event and to register go to www.camsscanada.com/ontario,