Executive Insight:
Heather Reed Fenske, CIO, City of Calgary

May 21, 2018: In preparation for the CAMSS Alberta 2018 conference, we spoke with Heather Reed Fenske, CIO for the City of Calgary and Keynote Speaker at the conference, to gain an insight in to the city's digital transformation strategy and a sneak peek in to her presentation.

What does the term 'Digital Maturity' mean to you and how would you describe the City of Calgary's level?

As the CIO for the City, I see our digital maturity from at least 3 different angles.
1. From how we serve citizens – things like citizen centric design, mobile enabled and how we use analytics and data to improve the experience our citizens have with us.
2. From the efficiency of our operations – how are we using technology to improve our back-end operations - everything from optimizing waste and recycling routes, 911 and our financial and hr systems
3. From the investments we make in our own ICT infrastructure which provides the foundation to enable all of it

How is technology transforming the City of Calgary and the province of Alberta as a whole?

In the City, I have seen the shift from IT being more of a “back office” or “in the basement” to much more of a partnership – and realization of absolute dependence to running our operations all across the geographic region of Calgary.

Over the past two years, what has been your primary objective as CIO for the City of Calgary?

Primary objective is always to make life better every day for our citizens.  Technology plays key role in that. I work closely with my colleagues who run the City business units to ensure they feel confident in the technology investments they are making to improve their operations.  Another key objective is to ensure IT staff see the connection in the work they do to improving services for citizens. Our staff are proud of the work they do.

You are participating as the Keynote Speaker at the 2018 CAMSS Alberta conference. What will your presentation cover and what do you ultimately hope the audience gains from it?

I would hope they can an understanding of what how The City uses technology to serve citizens of Calgary.  We have 35 lines of business from Recreation, Assessment, Roads, Parks, First Responders that we need to support every day.  Like every other business these days, there are disruptive technologies coming our way that we are planning for and thinking about use cases to improve City services.


Heather Reed-Fenske will be the Keynote Speaker at CAMSS Alberta 2018 on June 6 in Calgary. for further information and register to attend go to www.camsscanada.com/alberta.