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Welcome Remarks

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"The Challenges of Aligning IT and the Business"

“IT alignment” has been for some time, and continues to be, a major challenge for IT leaders. This idea of “aligning” the IT group with the rest of the organization is a persistent puzzle that causes many IT leaders to lose sleep. Yet despite the unrelenting attention to this topic, a clear working template or solution doesn’t appear to be any more evident.

How can IT align with the business when the business itself does not have a strategy in place? Should they be separate strategies or can they be created as one? This session aims to identify the key challenges IT and digital leaders face and how this can ultimately be overcome.

09:50 - 10:35
"Talent: Understanding the Millennial Mindset"

No matter how often it has been addressed, talent remains a key issue for IT and LOB leaders. However, it is not finding the talent which presents the challenge, but instead acquisition and retention of these individuals in an ever increasing competitive world. The key to this is understanding the mindset of the talent pool and creating a brand to attract the new generation and and providing an environment for them to flourish.

This session aims to provide an alternative perspective on the topic by having the talent itself discuss what it is they are looking for and how organizations and leaders can lay down a foundation to attract the best of the best.

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Networking Break

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"What Does True Digital Transformation Look Like?"

We hear a lot about digital transformation these days, but the term is seldom defined. Rather, the focus leans toward the latest digital technologies to impact enterprises — mobile devices, social networks, cloud computing, Big Data analytics, etc. — with very little direction regarding how to actually adopt transformation. Worse, some people believe digital transformation is only about cool apps.

Digital transformation is the number-one topic on the strategic agenda for most companies. Fear of being disrupted, falling into the Big Data black hole, or missing out on some incredible new business model is keeping many awake at night. This interactive roundtable discussion will focus on what true digital transformation looks like and how it can be achieved.

11:45 - 12:30
"Effectively Optimizing Data In The Cloud"

Data. It's everywhere. implicit in the new world of data everywhere is the implied ability to find, access, and use that data in an efficient manner. Much of that data exists on a cloud, so you need to know how to make sure this data is optimized and doesn’t become a weak link in your cloud platform. Storage techniques and software tools can help you achieve data and database optimization, and help to manage virtualized data storage through the software layer.

This session will explore how to effectively optimize the continuous cast amounts of data being stored in the cloud.

11:45 - 12:30
"Establishing a Multi-Vendor Strategy"

Despite the trend suggesting organizations purchase as much as they can from a single vendor to avoid the headaches of integration, unfortunately, this is not a reality. Technology leaders find the best approach to deliver real value to their organizations is to secure the services of multiple vendors instead of attempting to find one claiming to do it all. However, with a multivendor approach, digital leaders are required to go the extra mile to make disparate products and interfaces from various vendors work harmoniously. But what's the best approach to this strategy?

11:45 - 12:30
"The Road To Secure, Mobile Enablement"

Mobile, smart device and BYOD strategies are increasing the pressure on today's security officers. BYOD is high risk, as 85% of the device is out of enterprise control. Traditional security fails as vendors push workstation-solutions to mobile, while other 'mobile security' solutions alter the mobile user experience causing other issues, including users finding a workaround.

This session will focus on industry case-studies while providing the chance to discuss and collaborate on tactics and lessons learned in an open discussion.

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Networking Lunch

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"Harnessing Data For Business Value"

Complex infrastructure, overlapping domains, and rigorous compliance requirements complicate a growing influx of data from multiple internal and external sources. Successful organizations combat this by leveraging a value generation cycle, or determining the value your data can provide and then using the right technology to deliver real results.

In this session, you'll learn how to derive lasting value from your data. Uncover 5 steps to making this happen, plus case studies on how real businesses laid the foundation for measurable business success.

13:50 - 14:35
"Cracking The Cyber Insurance Code"

Organizations continue to invest heavily in cybersecurity efforts to safeguard themselves against threats, but far fewer have signed on for cyber insurance to protect their firms after an attack. Why not? What roadblocks exist, and what steps could the industry take to help clear them?

This session will focus on the necessary actions required to take in ensuring your organization is correctly prepared to respond to cyber threats and limit the lasting impacts of an attack.

13:50 - 14:35
"Living In The Clouds: Accelerating Change"

The new style of IT is being driven by new models for customer and partner engagement, new work-styles for employees, and increased cybersecurity threats with businesses facing the need to adapt or be left behind.

This session will focus on why accepting change is a key tenet to staying relevant as a business, and how accelerating change can put you at the forefront of this technical revolution.

14:40 - 15:25
"Empowering Innovation: 
Creating a Culture of Adoption"

As over-used as the word “innovation” may be these days, there is no denying that building a culture of innovation is at the top of most corporate agendas. After all, a company’s own employees are uniquely positioned to understand the intersection of business operations, product development pipelines, and customer demand. New growth should be spurred from within. Yet attempts to build a culture of adopting innovation often fall flat.

This session will focus on how to harbor an adoptive culture of innovation within your team and organization.

14:50 - 15:25
"Transforming Information Security To Information Risk"

Why is security so difficult? Adversaries have fewer rules and more resources than most defenders. Today, security focuses on technology, and compliance is driving many security decisions. A risk management program can bring a structured, organized approach to your company's security. It provides feedback loops and checks-and-balance capabilities, ensures appropriate communication and collaboration between risk program and organization, and guarantees that a member from risk management is represented in key organizational activities.

This session will focus on the key elements of an effective risk management program.

14:50 - 15:25
"Transitioning From Traditional BI Platforms"

The concept of studying data for customer insight and to guide effective decision-making is not a new one. In fact, business intelligence programs have been in place in some organizations for a very long time. But with the developments of a more digital age, these processes are increasingly unable to meet the evolving needs of enterprises. In order to compete in today’s data-rich, fast-moving environment, newer solutions will be required, which is why businesses should be looking at transitioning from traditional BI platforms.

So how can companies recognize when they may benefit from an overhaul of their analytics processes to handle this and improve their operations to become more data-driven?

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Networking Break

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