Bashir Fancy, Chairman, CIPS

Mr. Fancy is the current Chairman for Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS), that speaks on behalf of Canada on IT matters and is backed by the ACT of the Parliament, having being formed 59 years ago. He is also the President of CIPS Ontario Association. Mr. Fancy led the original team that developed the “Account Information Security” –Data Security Standards (now known as PCI- DSS), impacting any Organization that stores and processes or transmits credit and debit card information. He is also heavily involved in Mobile Payments. Bashir Fancy, in his role as the Head of Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada, initially developed & implemented a strategy of Fraud Prevention that led to 50% reduction in fraud losses, after a growth of 40% per year for 5 previous years. This strategy was adopted globally. Mr. Fancy has assisted financial institutions globally including the World Bank, Telecoms, Retail businesses and others to deal with the root causes and become efficient and secure.  Mr. Fancy has also operated in the Asia Pacific market including China.

Mr. Fancy has held position of Senior Executive Advisor, with Deloitte & Touche as well as Grant Thornton serving clients globally. Previous to that Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security at Visa International as well the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa International. Mr. Fancy also held senior management positions that included Systems, Operations, Risk management, Security, Audit, Finance, Marketing & sales and strategy.  These organizations included Citibank, SNS (became a subsidiary of TELUS) –a 3rd party credit card processor that did all the back-end processing, including managing point of sale for all Canadian Banks and Major retailers.  Mr. Fancy also held senior management roles in Air Canada and the “Supermarket Group”, after starting his career at West, Wake & Price (Auditors) in Europe.

Mr. Fancy’s global experience and out of box thinking is sought after by many Organizations, especially with fast pace of technology changes, disruptive players, intense Global competition, skills gaps being order of the day.  He addresses the root causes and how they can be dealt with, based on his hands on experience/expertise that includes Systems, Operations, Risk management, Security, Audit, Finance, and Marketing.  

The Organizations I have assisted globally included Deloitte & Touché, Grant Thornton, the World Bank, and Global Banks due to my role at Visa.

As a key player in development of PCI, I am called in all over the world to assist with how Organizations should proceed.  I am also called in for forensic work where serious breaches have taken place.